About Us

We are a small cageless home cattery located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Our cats live indoors and are free roaming in our house. We breed exotic shorthair cats as our hobby, and we only have a few cats. Our focus is to produce healthy, top quality kittens. We breed not for quantity, but for quality. So, we only breed our cats once or twice a year.


In our breeding program we use bloodlines from Catillak, Jubileum, Purfurvid, Parti Wai Ex, Psymis, Jerba Nicol, Scrimshaw, Ximuly, Willangi, Kittysoft, Sugarspun, and others. We specialize in Bi Colour, Tabby and Calico colors. Our goal is to produce healthy Exotics with strong foreheads, sweet facial expressions and great personalities. Our goal is to breed to the CFA show standard as closely as we can. All our cats are healthy and free from PKD 1.


When we began, I found so many friends who are so very nice to us. Thanks to Lisa Smith of Catillak and Jubileum for the lovely boy, CH Catillak’s Leisure Suit Larry, and to Jeanne Snyder of Purfurvid for two beautiful females, . Thank you, Lisa (Catillak) AND Jeanne (Purfurvid) , who are always ready to answer my questions about my breeding program.


We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. Thanks